RelayMany people would not have experienced a relay event. It is a lot of fun and luck plays a big part in the outcome. Don’t be put off by not knowing what to do. Below is an outline of what you need to know to compete in the relay. If you don’t enter when you register, you will be dissapointed when you see how enjoyable it is to be a part of a team event.

Make sure you enter the Competitor relay…

  1. Teams are made up of a number of people who row one at a time over 500m before changing rowers to cover the total distance.
  2. Foot straps must be used to hold the competitors feet in the foot stretcher.  No assistance can be used from others to hold the rowers feet in place while rowing.
  3. However, assistance from other team members can be sought with both the release and tightening of the feet in the foot stretchers and the location of the feet within the foot stretchers.
  4. If a team member dislodges from the seat while rowing, other team members are able to assist in lifting the rower back onto the seat.
  5. The Damper setting must be set before the race and cannot be altered during the course of a race.
  6. No manipulation of the airflow through the flywheel is allowed.
  7. The total distance to row will be displayed at the start and will count down as the race progresses.  Each person rows 500 meters so changeovers are made at those distance markers.  Eg in a 4 x 500m relay the changeovers will be made on the 1,500m; 1,000m and 500m markers.
  8. Each rower from the team must pass their distance marker before they can make the changeover.
  9. All changeovers must be completed within 75 meters of the changeover marker.  Eg.  At the 1,500m distance marker the changeover has to be completed by the 1,425m marker.  At the 1,000m distance marker, the changeover has to be completed by the 925m distance marker.
  10. Only the rower who is seated on the rowing machine can pull the handle during the course of the race.  The handle cannot be pulled until the rower is on the seat.  The rower does not need to wait until the foot straps have been tightened before they can start rowing.
  11. If necessary, races will be conducted in a heat and final format with the fastest 10 crews in each category only proceeding to the final.
  12. Only four people are to be around the machine at any one time – the current rower, the incoming rower and a person each beside the foot stretchers to release and tighten the foot straps.  Any remaining team members are to stand well clear of the machine.  Once you have finished your rowing, please remain with your machine until all teams have finished.  Please be careful not to be a hindrance to your own team members as well as those from other teams.