The race rules make up the Terms and Conditions for racing on the day and you will be asked to accept these when you register.  Please read this list of rules for the event:

  1. All entry instructions form part of the rules of the competition.
  2. By entering the competition, a competitor agrees to be bound by the rules.
  3. Entries must be made on an official entry form or online (photocopies accepted).
  4. Mailed entries must be returned to the Sunshine Coast Indoor Rowing Club inc
    (53 Boolagi Drive, Wurtulla, Qld 4575) by midnight 5th June, 2018
    Proof of posting / sending is not proof of delivery and no responsibility
    will be accepted for lost or late entries.
  5. Cheques should be made payable to “Sunshine Coast Indoor Rowing Club Inc.”
    with the entrants name(s) written on the reverse side.
  6. Entries not made in accordance of the rules will not be accepted. All details on
    the entry form are required. Incomplete or illegal entries will not be accepted.
  7. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  8. An event is defined as one distance in your age group. Entrants may only
    nominate in one weight category.
  9. Concept2 indoor rowing machines will be used. Competitors may use the
    resistance level of their choice, but this cannot be changed during the race.
  10. For all competitors, age is as on the day of the competition.
  11. All competitors must register no less than 30 mins prior to their first race and proof
    of age (eg driver’s licence) must be provided.
  12. Lightweight event limits are: Men – less than 75Kg / Women – less than 61.5Kg.
    Lightweight competitors will be weighed at least 30 minutes before their first event.
    Competitors who do no make weight will have their results moved to the open results.
  13. All category races will be straight finals, ie each competitor will only race once per
    event. Some categories may involve several races. The times for all races for a
    single category will be ranked to give an overall listing.
  14. Each race may involve several ages and/or categories which means a number of races may be run at the same time.  You will still only be competing against others in your age and weight class.
  15. No competitor will be able to change their event after close of nominations.
  16. Medals will be awarded for the first three competitors in an age and weight category
    for each distance. The first three Queenslanders in a race will be awarded a medal.
    Only one medal will be awarded to a placegetter each race.