We are very lucky to have guest competitors at these championships, people who have distinguished themselves in some area of sport.  In 2015 we had the following people who will be there to inspire us with their achievements while they row the races they have selected:

Lindy Hou OAM: Despite being blind from the age of 36, Lindy has managed to:

Lindy & Harper

Lindy & Harper

  • Win a Gold medal at the Athens paralympics at 44
  • Win 2 World Titles in Igle, Switzerland at 46
  • Win Silver & Bronze at Bejing Paralympics at 48
  • Jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane at 49
  • Rode tandem from Cairns to Melbourne at 49
  • Complete numerous triathlons by age 52

What is holding you back?

Is it possible that you can achieve more than you think? Read Lindy’s story at and make a decision to follow your dreams and be all that you can be!  (and register to compete!!!)